August 22, 2008

White coats a fine fit for new Med students

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Members of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine’s Class of 2012 pose at last week’s White Coat Ceremony. (photo by Dana Johnson)

White coats a fine fit for new Med students

From left, first-year students Rejoice Opara, Amil Allen, Shannon Stallings and Sarah Bourne pose for the class photo. (photo by Dana Johnson)

From left, first-year students Rejoice Opara, Amil Allen, Shannon Stallings and Sarah Bourne pose for the class photo. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Interim Dean Jeff Balser, M.D., Ph.D., left, presents Nicholas Burjek his coat while Scott Rodgers, M.D., looks on. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Interim Dean Jeff Balser, M.D., Ph.D., left, presents Nicholas Burjek his coat while Scott Rodgers, M.D., looks on. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Morgan Walls is congratulated by George Hill, Ph.D. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Morgan Walls is congratulated by George Hill, Ph.D. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Hundreds of family members, friends and future colleagues gathered under the oaks in Chapman Quadrangle on Aug. 15 to honor the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Class of 2012 during the School's annual Convocation and White Coat Ceremony.

The traditional donning of the signature white garment marks the official entrance into medical school for the 105 members of VUSM's 132nd class. The ceremony comes at the end of the two-week introductory course Foundations of the Profession, which gives students an understanding of the values and principles that guide a physician's relationship with society and patients.

Jeff Balser, M.D., Ph.D., interim dean of VUSM and associate vice chancellor for Research, encouraged the students to view the upcoming year as a journey.

“Many times, particularly on the long road of medical education, we become so focused on reaching the destination that we find ourselves rushing through the journey,” Balser said. “My wish for you is to remember to live in the moment as you strive to reach ambitious goals.”

White Coat sponsors

The following is the list of White Coat Sponsors as of Aug. 15. The list was provided by Medical Center Development and Alumni Relations. For more information, contact Diane Watson at 936-0247 or

Dr. Matthew J. Abbate

Dr. Bassel W. Abou-Khalil and Ms. Rima Nadim K. Abou-Khalil

Dr. Naji N. Abumrad and Dr. Nada A. Abumrad

Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wayne Adkisson

Dr. Anita Agarwal

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Alexander Jr.

Dr. William C. Alford Jr.

Dr. Rajesh Alla

Dr. Ann-Marie Amies-Oelschlager

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Anderson Jr.

Dr. Milton Anderson

Dr. Rochelle Ficker Andreotti

Dr. John Alan Andrew and Dr. Lori Rothstein Andrew

Dr. Randall Rickard and Dr. Susan T. Andrews

Dr. Edouard Fitzroy Armour

Dr. Joe Franklin Arterberry

Mr. Joseph Priestley Atnip

Dr. Michael Joseph Ayad

Dr. George Scott Baer

Dr. Joseph C. Bailey

Dr. Theodore Dulaney Baker

Dr. Thomas William Ballard

Dr. Jeffrey R. and Mrs. Melinda Balser

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Barfield II

Mr. Jeff Frumkin and Dr. Shari L. Barkin

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Allen Barrington

Dr. Edward J. Bartle

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Bassel Jr.

Dr. Julie A. Bastarache

Ms. Betsy L. Bayer

Dr. and Mrs. Oscar C. Beasley

Dr. R. Daniel Bauchamp

Mr. Warren E. Beck

Dr. Robert O. Begtrup

Mr. and Mrs. Allyn C. Bennett Jr.

Dr. Charles R. Bentz

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Bernard

Dr. Albert Henry Beth

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Robert Beyer

Dr. Erol Martin Beytas

Mr. and Mrs. Kirit J. Bhansali

Dr. Sheela A. Bhat

Dr. Vanessa Jane Biggs

Mr. James Lucian Bills and Ms. Audrey H. Kuntz

Dr. Jeffrey P. Bishop

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Scott Blackwell

Dr. and Mrs. Virgilio Blanco

Dr. George C. Bolian and Mrs. Patricia Morrison-Bolian

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Bonner

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Boswell

Dr. Lauren Virginia Bower

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Boyd

Dr. Russell Boyd and Dr. Amy P. Boyd

Dr. Jill K. Boyle

Dr. Donald Wayne Brady

Col. And Mrs. Steven Edward Braverman

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Breinig

Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Lawrence Bressman

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Brewer

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Brock III

Dr. Samuel A. Brody and Dr. Jane Kreplick Brody

Dr. Ronald W. Bronitsky

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Ladd Brown

Mr. Andrew L. May and Dr. Nancy J. Brown

Dr. Donald M. Bryan and Dr. Laurette M. Bryan

Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Buchanan

Dr. and Mrs. Ponce D. Bullard

Dr. and Mrs. Lonnie S. Burnett

Dr. and Mrs. Swan B. Burrus

Dr. Michael J. Burry

Mr. David Campbell

Dr. Waldemar A. Carlo

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Carlton

Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Carmichel

Dr. Robert H. Carnighan

Dr. and Mrs. Brian S. Carter

Dr. and Mrs. Milton Philip Caster

Dr. Peter Laurence Castro

Dr. Elizabeth Leigh Cato

Ms. Katherine Chauvin

Dr. John F. Cherry

Dr. Kathleen R. Cho

Dr. Patricia Shih-Ann Chu

Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Citak

Dr. Walter K. Clair and Dr. Deborah C. Webster-Clair

Mr. John B. Clayton IV and Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton

Dr. Nancy M. Clish

Dr. Jeffrey Scott Cluver

Dr. and Mrs. Clark R. Cobble

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Collins

Dr. William A. Curry

Dr. and Mrs. Carlos R. Dalence

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Dalley

Dr. Peter Helge Damp and Dr. Julie Boyd Damp

Dr. David Gordon Daniel

Dr. Linda Ann Danieu

Dr. and Mrs. Charles K. Davis Jr.

Dr. Michael J. Magee and Dr. Deborah Deason

Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. DeHart

Dr. and Mrs. Terence S. Dermody

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steven Dezube

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Diggs

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Dina

Dr. Robert K. Dorton

Dr. and Mrs. Leonidas W. Dowlen Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Dufresne

Dr. David E. Dugger

Dr. Ensor R. Dunsford Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. W. Carl Dyer Jr.

Mr. William James Booth and Dr. Letitia J. Easdown

Mrs. Melissa H. Eason

Dr. Kathryn M. Edwards

Dr. Frank M. Eggers and Dr. Sandy Johnson Eggers

Dr. Russ David Erman

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Estes

Dr. and Mrs. E. William Ewers

Dr. Vernat Exil

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Exton

Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Ezell Jr.

Dr. Paul J. Fatum

Mr. Robert P. Feldman

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Fenichel

Dr. William Myron Ferrin III

Dr. Charles D. Feuss Jr.

Dr. Lauren Gayle Ficks

Dr. A. J. Reid Finlayson

Dr. and Mrs. Rand T. Frederiksen

Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Harmon Freeman

Dr. Lesley Christine French

Dr. Mark E. Frisse

Dr. and Mrs. Roy Tyler Frizzell

Dr. Howard Adam Fuchs and Dr. D. Catherine Fuchs

Dr. and Mrs. G. Waldon Garriss III

Dr. James C. Gay and Dr. Elizabeth Pierce

Dr. Timothy John Gensler and Dr. Amy Joyce Gensler

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred L. George Jr.

Mr. Peter J. Giammalvo

Dr. James H. Gilfoil

Dr. and Mrs. James D. Givens

Dr. Sarah Justine Gladstone

Mr. Ronald E. Glenn Sr.

Dr. D. Bruce Glover

Dr. Michelle Bass Goldin

Dr. Steven A. Goldstein

Dr. Ricardo Andres Gonzales

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Goodgame Sr.

Dr. Robert E. Lee Gotcher

Dr. and Mrs. Angus W. Graham Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Grambow

Dr. Clark R. Gregg and Dr. Susan Brittingham Gregg

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Grogan

Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. Grote

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Groves

Dr. and Mrs. W. Quinton Gurley Jr.

Dr. Curtis James Hagenau

Dr. Jack D. Hagewood

Dr. Ruth M. Hagstrom

Dr. Robert L. Haley Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Larry J. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hall

Dr. Matthew F. Halsey

Dr. James R. Hamilton

Dr. Sarag Page Hammond

Dr. Harriet M. Harman

Dr. Frank E. Harrell Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Henry L. Harrell Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Harris

Dr. Cauley W. Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Heerman

Dr. Lloyd L. Hefner

Dr. and Mrs. Murray Heimberg

Dr. Harry C. Helm

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Herron

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Hickson

Dr. Michelle Hiebert

Dr. George C. Hill and Dr. Linda P. Hare

Dr. Mary deRaismes Hinckley

Dr. Rodrick J. Hinshaw

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Hinson Jr.

Dr. Lam Hoang

Dr. and Mrs. George W. Holcomb

Dr. Ralph Duane Holland and Dr. Nancy D. Holland

Dr. Robert W. Holloway

Dr. Floyd Christopher Holsinger

Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy K. Hon

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Reid Hood

Dr. Derek Lee Horstemeyer

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Hunt

Dr. Larry S. Hunt

Dr. John D. Hutcherson

Dr. Joel Collier Hutcheson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hydrick

Dr. and Mrs. Talat Alp Ikizler

Dr. and Mrs. Kent Kunio Ishihara

Mr. and Mrs. Ray K. Ishihara

Mr. and Mrs. Todd M. Jackson

Dr. Harry R. Jacobson

Mrs. Jan Jacobson

Dr. Mark W. Jacokes and Dr. Wendy Stone

Dr. Astrid G. Jain

Dr. David H. James Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Jankolovits

Dr. Robert L. Jetton

Dr. Ming Jiang and Ms. Xiaofeng Fan

Dr. and Mrs. David H. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Ira T. Johnson

Dr. Joseph E. Johnson III

Dr. A. Garland Jonas Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. E. Palmer Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Milnor Jones

Dr. Karen M. Joos

Dr. Lee W. Jordan

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Judy

Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy J. Kaye

Dr. and Mrs. Jack E. Keefe III

Mrs. Diane L. Keeter

Mr. Michael C. Kessen and Reverend Virginia Anne Kessen

Dr. Jonathan David Kirsch

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Curtiss Klasson

Dr. Anne Meredith Knudsen

Dr. Nina Koulischer

Dr. Eric R. Kreutzer

Dr. John E. Kuhn

Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Labadie

Dr. Peter M. Lams

Dr. Kurt Karl Lark and Dr. Rebecca Long Lark

Dr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Latham

Dr. Patrick J. Lavin

Dr. and Mrs John Willis Lea

Dr. Ethan Lee and Dr. Laura Anne Lee

Dr. and Mrs. Pat Ressler Levitt

Dr. and Mrs. Philip K. Lichtenstein

Dr. Daniel W. Lin

Dr. and Mrs. Sauyu Lin

Dr. Joanne L. Linn

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Little

Dr. and Mrs. Richard John LoCicero

Dr. Michael C. Locke

Dr. John Garth Long and Dr. Marta Leona Gwinn

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Longino

Dr. and Mrs. H. Newton Lovvorn

Dr. Zigmund A. Luka

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Macdonald

Mr. Gerald F. Mace and Dr. Rachel Lenox Mace

Dr. Sidney D. Machefsky

Dr. Mark James Maffett

Dr. Morgan Lawrence Magid

Dr. Ahad Mahootchi

Dr. Noble M. Maleque

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mallard

Mr. Chit Mallipeddi

Dr. Dorcas Lynne Mansell

Dr. Kenneth Margolis

Dr. and Mrs. James B. D. Mark

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Marney Jr.

Dr. Diana Marver

Dr. John M. Mathis and Mrs. Krista J. Crawford-Mathis

Dr. K. Byron Skubi and Dr. Jane A. Mays

Dr. John C. McGill

Dr. John M. McLaughlin and Dr. Julie A. McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McNeilly Jr.

Mr. Scott Douglas Buffett and Dr. Heidi Meinz

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin R. Meinz

Dr. and Mrs. Clay R. Miller

Dr. Robert Miller and Dr. Bonnie Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Natwar J. Mody

Dr. Alex S. Moffett

Dr. Andrew Gibbs Moore and Dr. Katherine Marshall Moore

Dr. Robert H. Moore

Dr. Robert S. Moorman and Dr. Jo Ann Moorman

Dr. Jeffrey S. Morgan

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Neeld

Dr. and Mrs. Eric G. Neilson

Dr. Henry S. Nelson and Dr. Kathryn W. Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Nester

Dr. John H. Newman

Dr. and Mrs. Howard H. Nichols

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Steven Nicolaisen

Dr. David H. Niver and Dr. Judith Niver

Dr. Tamara Nix

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Noel

Dr. Jeanette J. Norden

Dr. Steven Roland Norris

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ojeda

Dr. Diane Elizabeth Oliver

Dr. Walter Omainsky

Dr. James Wright O'Mara Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Steven F. O'Sheal

Dr, and Mrs. Ronald E. Overfield

Dr. Bernhard Wiedermann and Dr. Pamela Gilstad Parker

Dr. Mark K. Parsons

Dr. Christopher Patton

Dr. and Mrs. W. Faxon Payne

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Peters

Mr. Eric Scott Petersen and Dr. Stephanie Anne Otis

Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Petracek

Dr. James W. Pichert

Dr. Michael Pilla

Dr. David Brent Polk

Dr. David Poon and Ms. Christina Wong

Dr. and Mrs. C. McGavock Porter

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Kuttikatt Poulose

Dr. Alvin C. Powers

Dr. James S. Powers and Ms. Martha E. Wetteman

Mr. Scott T. Price and Dr. Ann Hutcheson Price

Dr. William T. Price Jr.

Dr. Jeffrey R. Prinsell

Dr. and Mrs. Adam James Prudoff

Dr. Dana Jacobi Pruett

Dr. Gretchen Patricia Purcell

Dr. Robert S. Quinn

Dr. and Mrs. David S. Raiford

Dr. R. Richard Ramnath

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Ramsey

Dr. George Daniel Rath

Ms. Mary E. Rawn

Dr. Mark William Redor

Dr. Patrick Shawn Reynolds

Sarah and Randall Reynolds

Dr. and Mrs. Jack O. Rice

Dr. and Mrs. Ron N. Rice

Dr. Kelly Rowden Richardson

Dr. Eric Charles Ringwalt and Ms. Mary VanAntwerp Ringwalt

Dr. W. James Robbins

Dr. and Mrs. Dan M. Roden

Dr. Scott Rodgers

Dr. and Mrs. S. Trent Rosenbloom

Dr. Robert L. Rosenfeld and Ms. Rebecca Lynch Rosenfeld

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Ross

Dr. Stephen E. Rostan

Dr. and Mrs. Wyatt E. Rousseau

Dr. Ben Hardin Rowan III

Dr. Donald H. Rubin and Dr. Esther Eisenberg

Dr. Rima Nasrallah Rusnak

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Russell

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Saiter Jr.

Dr. William D. Salmon Jr.

Dr. Anthony Andres Sanchez

Dr. Martin P. Sandler and Dr. Glynis A. Sacks

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon B. Savoie

Dr. Douglas B. Sawyer

Dr. Edward M. Schaeffer

Dr. William Schaffner and Ms. Lois C. Knight

Dr. Scott Andrew Scharer

Dr. George B. Schimmel and Dr. Clara Ann Myers Schimmel

Dr. Frank John Schlehr Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Schneider

Dr. Lewis Karl Schrager

Dr. Gerald Schulman and Dr. Marta Hernanz-Schulman

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Schultenover

Dr. Paul W. Scott

Dr. Elliott G. Segal

Mr. Todd Patrick and Dr. Roanne Selinger

Dr. and Mrs. Lathan Edwards Settle

Dr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Shack

Mr. and Mrs. Kaushik J. Shah

Dr. John Shatzer

Dr. Sudha P. Singh

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Singleton

Dr. Corey M. Slovis and Dr. Bonnie S. Slovis

Dr. Clarence Edwin Smith

Mr. George E. Smith

Dr. Jonathan Cope Smith

Dr. Robert T. Snowden

Dr. and Mrs. William B. Snyder

Dr. and Mrs. Herman D. Sorensen

Mrs. Michelle Southard-Smith

Dr. Wayne Thomas Spears

Dr. Jeremy Spector

Dr. Jeffrey Lance Sperring

Dr. David Jonathan Stallard Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. William W. Stead

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Steele

Dr. C. Michael Stein

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Stempfel Jr.

Dr. David Thomas Stern

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Sternberg

Dr. Phillip Craig Stites

Dr. Gerald E. Stone

Dr. William Pipkin Stone Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. William S. Stoney Jr.

Dr. Jana Leigh Sulzer

Dr. Larry L. Swift

Dr. David D. Tanner

Mr. Michael Taylor and Dr. Mary B. Taylor

Dr. and Mrs. Cooper L. Terry

Dr. John Edward Terwilleger

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Tharpe

Dr. and Mrs. E. Dewey Thomas

Dr. John B. Thomison

Mrs. Mary Beth Thompson

Dr. Reid Carleton Thompson and Dr. Lorraine B. Ware

Dr. James David Thurston

Dr. and Mrs. W. Phillips Tinkler

Dr. and Mrs. William W. Tomford

Dr. Robert E. Tonsing and Dr. Sara M. Tonsing

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander S. Townes

Dr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Trapp

Dr. and Mrs. David E. Tribble

Dr. Edward L. Trimble and Dr. Cornelia Liu Tremble

Mr. and Mrs. King-Mon Tu

Dr. John B. Turner

Mr. Doug Twells

Dr. William L. Underwood

Dr. Jan van Eys

Dr. Luc Van Kaer and Dr. Lan Wu

Dr. John West Van Wert

Dr. Marvin H. Vickers Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. William B. Wadlington

Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Wagers Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Walsh

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Waltz

Mrs. Wilma Ward

Dr. and Mrs. Harrison Frederick Warner

Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Waterman

Dr. Bradford Waters

Dr. William Bedford Waters

Dr. and Mrs. Horace E. Watson

Ms. Diane Watson

Dr. Lynn E. Webb

Peter A. Weil

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Weinger

Dr. and Mrs. John Robert Werther

Dr. and Mrs. John West

Dr. Linton B. West Jr

Dr. Robert Michael Westlake

Dr. and Mrs. Walter W. Wheelhouse Jr.

Dr. Andrew Asutin White and Dr. Kristin Carr Nyweide White

Dr. and Mrs. C. Courtney Whitlock Jr.

Dr. Robert Theodore Wilder

Dr. Ashley Elizabeth Wilkerson

Dr. Caren Elizabeth Gaines Wilkie

Dr. R. Bertram Williams Jr

Dr. Robert Derek Williams

Dr. Thomas H. Williams Jr.

Dr. Morgan J. Wills

Dr. Daniel K. Winstead

Dr. Michael S. Wolfe

Dr. Thomas Allen Woodward

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Woolley

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Worrell

Dr. Keith D. Wrenn

Dr. Joseph J. Wujek

Dr. Yajun Yi

Dr. and Mrs. John Alan Zic

Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. Zimmerman

Dr. Charles R. Zirkle