August 18, 2006

White coats fit just fine for incoming medical students

Featured Image

Incoming medical student Alan Powers is happy to receive his white coat from VUSM Dean Steven Gabbe, M.D.
Photo by Dana Johnson

VUSM’s class of 2010 following Wednesday’s White Coat Ceremony.
Photo by Mary Donaldson

VUSM’s class of 2010 following Wednesday’s White Coat Ceremony.
Photo by Mary Donaldson

George Hill, Ph.D., left, and Scott Rodgers, M.D., congratulate Tera Howard on receiving her white coat.
Photo by Susan Urmy

George Hill, Ph.D., left, and Scott Rodgers, M.D., congratulate Tera Howard on receiving her white coat.
Photo by Susan Urmy

Surrounded by hundreds of family members, friends and future colleagues, the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Class of 2010 gathered in the Chapman Quadrangle Wednesday evening for the Convocation/White Coat Ceremony.

The traditional donning of the signature white garment marks the official entrance into medical school for the 105 members of VUSM’s 130th class and came in the midst of a week of orientation events.

This year’s class of incoming medical students hails from 26 states, six foreign countries and 56 colleges and universities.

Eighteen of the new medical students are graduates of Vanderbilt University.

White Coat sponsor list

The following is the list of White Coat Sponsors as of Aug. 14. The list was provided by the Office of Annual Giving. For more information, contact Diane Watson at 936-0247 or

Dr. Adam C. Abram

Dr. Naji N. Abumrad

Mrs. Emily Harvey Adams

Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Adams

Dr. Lateef Alabi Adelani

Dr. and Mrs. Albert Wayne Adkisson

Dr. Anita Agarwal

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Alexander, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. William C. Alford, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Asa Benton Allen, Jr.

Dr. Jeffrey Peter Alpert

Dr. Alice H. Altstatt

Dr. and Mrs. Milton H. Anderson III

Dr. Susan Andrews and Dr. Randall Rickard

Dr. and Mrs. Rex E. Arendall II

Dr. Edouard Fitzroy Armour

Dr. Everton and Dr. Saundrell Arrindell

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Franklin Arterberry

Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Aylward, Jr.

Dr. Joseph C. Bailey

Dr. Theodore Dulaney Baker

Dr. Frank M. Balis and Dr. Judith A. Cooper

Dr. Thomas William Ballard

Dr. Jeffrey R. Balser

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Barfield II

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Barr

Dr. and Mrs. Brett Ronald Bartlett

Dr. Julie A. Bastarache

Dr. Elizabeth Ann Baxter

Dr. and Mrs. Oscar C. Beasley

Mr. Warren E. Beck

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Bernard

Dr. Bruce Robert Beyer

Mr. and Mrs. Kint J. Bhansali

Dr. F. Tremaine Billings Jr.

Dr. Rita Biesen-Bradley

Dr. Daniel A. Birchmore

Dr. Claude C. Blackwell

Dr. Wyatt Heflin Blake III

Mrs. Patricia Morrison-Bolian and

Dr. George D. Bolian

Dr. Dennis Bonner

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Boswell

Dr. Lauren Virginia Bower

Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Boyd

Dr. Russell and Dr. Amy P. Boyd

Dr. Scott B. Boyd

Dr. Jill K. Boyle

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brantley

Col. and Mrs. Steven E. Braverman, MD

Dr. Laura Boehike Bray

Dr. and Mrs. Peter R. Bream, Jr.

Mr. Douglas M. Brinkley, Sr.

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Brock III

Dr. Ernest Ladd Brown

Dr. Laurette M. and Dr. Donald M. Bryan

Dr. Ponce D. Bullard, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Lonnie S. Burnett

Dr. and Mrs. John Eugene Burney

Dr. Chester R. Burns

Dr. Dixon N. Burns

Dr. and Mrs. Ian M. Burr

Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Burry

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Byrd, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Carlton

Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Carmichel

Dr. Robert H. Carnighan

Dr. Orion V. Carr, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. S. Frank Carter

Dr. Milton Phillip Caster

Dr. Ingrid J. Chang

Dr. Nancy C. and Dr. George M. Chescheir

Dr. Kathleen Ruth Cho

Dr. Patricia Shih-Ann Chu

Dr. and Mrs. Larry R. Churchill

Dr. Michael S. Citak

Dr. Nancy M. Clish

Dr. Jeffrey Scott Cluver

Dr. Richard Davis Cole

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Collins

Dr. J. Michael Conoyer

Dr. and Mrs. William O. Cooper

Dr. and Mrs. Frederic E. Cowden

Dr. William A. Curry

Dr. and Mrs. Carlos R. Dalence

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Dalley

Dr. Peter H. and Dr. Julie B. Damp

Dr. Eugene T. Davidson

Dr. and Mrs. Charles K. Davis, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Philip H. Davis

Dr. William W. Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. Dehart

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Denham

Dr. Terence S. Dermody

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Diggs, Sr.

Dr. Thomas S. Dina

Dr. Sean P. and Dr. Janet L. Donahue

Dr. Robert K. Dorton

Dr. Larry E. Douglass

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond N. Dubois, Jr.

Dr. Wallace B. Duffin

Dr. David E. Dugger

Mr. James T. Duncan III

Dr. Racquel Jeanne Duval

Dr. and Mrs. W. Carl Dyer Jr.

Dr. Barbara J. and Mr. Royce M. Earnest

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Eason

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Eby

Dr. Frank M. and Dr. Sandy J. Eggers

Dr. Donald H. Rubin and Dr. Esther Eisenberg

Dr. and Mrs. Tahsin M. Ergin

Mrs. Annette S. Eskind

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Eskind

Dr. Thomas S. Evans

Dr. and Mrs. E. William Ewers

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Exton

Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Ezell, Jr.

Dr. Paul J. Fatum

Dr. Robert P. Feldman

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Fenichel

Dr. Ernest G. Fermanis

Dr. William Myron Ferrin III

Dr. Charles D. Feuss, Jr.

Dr. Lauren Gayle Ficks

Dr. and Mrs. John O. Fitts

Dr. Robert J. Fleischaker

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Fleischer

Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy H. Freeman

Dr. Lesley Christine French

Dr. and Mrs. Roy Tyler Frizzell

Dr. Howard A. and Dr. D. Catherine Fuchs

Dr. Steven G. Gabbe and Dr. Patricia C. Temple

Dr. Francis A. Gaffney

Dr. Ephrahim and Dr. Anna M. Garcia

Dr. and Mrs. William Lee Garner

Dr. G. Waldon Garriss III

Dr. Alfred L. George, Jr.

Dr. Henry M. Gewin

Mr. Ronald E. Glenn, Sr.

Dr. D. Bruce Glover

Dr. Michelle Bass Goldin

Dr. and Mrs. Fred Goldner, Jr.

Dr. Steven A. Goldstein

Dr. and Mrs. James L. Gonzales

Dr. John T. Goodgame, Sr.

Dr. David S. Gordon

Dr. Robert E. Lee Gotcher

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Gotterer

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Grambow

Dr. and Mrs. Neil A. Green

Dr. Richard E. Green

Dr. R. Glenn Greene

Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. Grote, Jr.

Dr. Steven Smiley Guest

Dr. and Mrs. W. Quinton Gurley, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. David William Haas

Mr. Robert G. and Dr. Ruth Hagstrom

Dr. Laura C. and Dr. Jeff B. Hales

Dr. Robert L. Haley, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Larry J. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hall

Dr. Richard Scott Hall

Dr. Matthew F. Halsey

Dr. Forrest C. Ham

Dr. James R. Hamilton

Dr. Katherine and Dr. William Hamilton

Dr. Thomas E. Hanes and Ms. Julie Hanes

Dr. Harriet M. Harman

Dr. and Mrs. C. Armitage Harper, Jr.

Dr. Frank E. Harrell

Dr. and Mrs. Henry L. Harrell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey B. Harwell

Dr. Saul S. Haskell

Dr. Cauley W. Hayes

Dr. Stephan H. Heckers and Dr. Christin L. Konradi

Dr. Harry C. Helm

Dr. Robert L. Hendley

Sen. and Mrs. Douglas S. Henry

Dr. Leslie Dawn Herman

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Herron

Dr. Robert W. Higginbotham and Dr. Jennifer Ann Pietenpol

Dr. Michael Sean Higgins

Dr. and Mrs. Geroge C. Hill

Dr. Rodrick J. Hinshaw

Dr. Melanie Voncile Hinson

Dr. James W. Hoback, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Gary H. Hoffman

Dr. and Mrs. John Lowell Holbrook

Dr. and Mrs. George W. Holcomb

Dr. Ralph D. and Dr. Nancy D. Holland

Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy K. Hon

Dr. Derek Lee Horstemeyer

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Horvitz

Dr. Sally H. Houston and Mr. James A. Scarola

Dr. Charles B. Huddleston

Dr. Daniel Payson Hunt

Dr. Larry S. Hunt

Dr. John D. Hutcherson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hydrick

Dr. and Mrs. Talat A. Ikizier

Dr. and Mrs. Tadashi Inagami

Mr. & Mrs. Ray K. Ishihara

Dr. and Mrs. Harry R. Jacobson

Dr. Mark W. Jacokes and Dr. Wendy Stone

Dr. Astrid G. Jain

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Jankolovits

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Jensen

Dr. Yuiang Jia

Dr. William Thomas Johanson

Dr. and Mrs. Ira T. Johnson

Dr. Joseph E. Johnson III

Dr. William L. Johnston

Dr. A. Garland Jonas, Jr.

Dr. E. Palmer Jones

Dr. John R. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. K. Bruce Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Minor Jones

Col. Stephen L. Jones, MD, and Col. B. Raines, MD

Dr. Lee W. Jordan

Dr. and Mrs. Herman J. Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. S. Kaplan

Dr. Louis J. Katzman

Dr. Paul H. Keckley, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Jack E. Keefe

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Keipper

Mr. Michael C. and Rev. Virginia Kessen

Dr. Alexis Hangin Kim

Dr. Frederick K. Kirchner and Dr. Joyce E. Johnson

Dr. Jonathan David Kirsch

Dr. Anne Meredith Knudsen

Dr. and Mrs. Otto Morse Kochitzky

Dr. Eric R. Kreutzer

Dr. John E. Kuhn

Ms. Mary Kumah

Dr. and Mrs. Verne C. Lanier

Dr. Rebecca L. and Dr. Kurt Karl Lark

Dr. and Mrs. Duane R. Larson

Dr. Catherine Coolidge Lastavica

Dr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Latham

Dr. Patrick J. Lavin

Ms. Kathy L. Le

Dr. John W. and Mrs. Ellen B. Lea

Mrs. Kim Lee

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Lefkowitz, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Philip K. Lichtenstein

Dr. Richard John LoCicero

Dr. C. Michael Locke

Dr. Greg A. Loitz

Dr. John G. Long and Dr. Marta Leona Gwinn

Dr. and Mrs. H. Newton Lovvorn

Dr. Timothy Lowe

Dr. C. Crittenden Lowry

Dr. Zigmund Luka

Dr. and Mrs. John N. Lukens, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Lundquist

Dr. Sidney D. Machefsky

Dr. Ahad Mahootchi

Dr. Kenneth Margolis

Dr. and Mrs. James B.D. Mark

Dr. Diana Marver

Dr. John M. Mathis and Mrs. Krista Crawford-Mathis

Dr. William T. and Dr. Sally S. Mattingly

Dr. John Edward Maxa

Dr. Byron Skubi and Dr. Jane A. Mays

Dr. C. Ashley McAllen

Mr. and Mrs. James V. McArdle

Dr. Michael and Dr. Chanchai McDonald

Dr. Robert M. McKey, Jr.

Dr. T. Dwight McKinney

Dr. Julie A. McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. MCNeilly, Jr.

Dr. Heidi Lee Meinz

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin R. Meinz

Dr. Mary L. Michal

Dr. Bonnie M. and Dr. Robert F. Miller

Dr. Geraldine Miller and Dr. James W. Thomas

Dr. Kenneth Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Misfeldt

Dr. and Mrs. Natwar J. Mody

Dr. Alex S. Moffett

Dr. Andrew G. and Dr. Katherine M. Moore

Dr. Robert H. Moore

Dr. Jeffrey S. Morgan

Dr. and Mrs. Jason D. Morrow

Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Moses

Dr. Brian Paul Mullaney

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Neeld, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Eric G. Neilson

Dr. Henry S. and Dr. Kathryn Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Nester

Dr. and Mrs. Howard H. Nichols

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Steven Nicolaisen

Dr. Edwin W. Nunnery, Jr.

Dr. Ann-Marie Amies Oelschlager

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ojeda

Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Oldham

Dr. Diane Elizabeth Oliver

Dr. Holly L. Olson

Dr. and Mrs. Walter Omainsky

Dr. James Wright O'Mara, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. James A. O'Neill

Dr. Alan A. Ory

Dr. and Mrs. Steven F. O'Sheal

Dr. Stephanie Anne and Mr. Eric S. Petersen

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Overfield

Dr. Charles R. and Dr. Janey H. Park

Dr. Mark K. Parsons

Dr. Neal R. Patel

Dr. and Mrs. W. Faxon Payne

Dr. Lon S. Poliner

Dr. David Brent Polk

Dr. Charles L. Pope

Dr. and Mrs. C. McGavock Porter

Dr. Alvin C. Powers

Dr. James S. Powers and Ms. Martha E. Wettemann

Dr. Ann H. Price and Mr. Scott T. Price

Dr. William T. Price, Jr.

Dr. Donna Jacobi Pruett

Dr. Robert S. Quinn

Dr. Paul M. Radosevich and Ms. Elise A. Thomas

Dr. and Mrs. David S. Raiford

Dr. R. Richard Ramnath

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Ramsey

Dr. and Mrs. Judson G. Randolph

Mr. Wallace N. Rasmussen

Dr. Kevin Michael Reavis

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Shawn Reynolds

Randall and Sarah Reynolds

Dr. and Mrs. Ron N. Rice

Dr. Bruce Earle Richards and Dr. Sherrie A. Richards

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Richie

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Rigsby

Dr. and Mrs. Harris D. Riley

Dr. W. James Robbins

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Roberts

Dr. and Mrs. Dan M. Roden

Dr. Scott M. Rodgers

Dr. B. Douglas and Dr. Louise A. Rollins-Smith

Dr. and Mrs. S. Trent Rosenbloom

Dr. Robert L. and Mrs. Rebecca L. Rosenfeld

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Ross

Dr. Matthew B. Rossi

Dr. Stephen E. Rostan

Dr. and Mrs. Wyatt E. Rousseau

Dr. Ben Hardin Rowan III

Dr. William D. Salmon, Jr.

Dr. John M. Salyer

Dr. Glynis A. Sacks and Dr. Martin P. Sandler

Dr. Samuel A. Santoro and Dr. Mary Zutter

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon B. Savoie

Dr. Edward M. Schaeffer

Dr. William Schaffner II

Dr. Frank John Schlehr, Jr.

Dr. Lewis Karl Schrager

Dr. and Mrs. Stephan J. Schultenover

Dr. Kathleen A. Schwartz

Dr. J. Robert and Dr. Nancie Schweikert

Dr. Paul W. Scott

Mr. Addison B. Scoville III

Mrs. Ruth K. Scoville

Dr. and Mrs. John S. Sergent

Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Settle

Dr. and Mrs. Lathan Edwards Settle

Dr. Nathan Alexander Sewell

Dr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Shack

Mr. and Mrs. Kaushik J. Shah

Dr. and Mrs. Justin Shields

Dr. Andrew Alan Shinar

Dr. Bruce D. Silverstein

Dr. Gregory J. Skarulis

Dr. Corey M. and Dr. Bonnie S. Slovis

Dr. Geroge E. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Herman D. Sorensen

Dr. Wayne Thomas Spears

Dr. Jeffrey Lance Sperring

Dr. and Mrs. W. Anderson Spickard

Dr. and Mrs. Kurt P. Spindler

Dr. S. Tyler Staelin

Dr. David Jonathan Stallard, Jr.

Dr. Leslie Sue Stark

Dr. John K. Shaver and Dr. Michele R. Staunton

Dr. and Mrs. William W. Stead

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Steele

Dr. Stephen Schach and Dr. Sharon M. Stein

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Stempfel, Jr.

Dr. Harry C. Stephenson

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Sternberg, Jr.

Dr. Phillip Craig Stites

Dr. Gerald E. Stone

Dr. William P. Stone, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. William S. Stoney, Jr.

Dr. Stephen M. Strakowski

Dr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Strauss

Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Stringham II

Dr. Gary B. Strong

Dr. Colleen Fretz Swayze

Dr. David S. Taber

Dr. David D. Tanner

Dr. Anna B. and Dr. William G. Tanner

Dr. Horton E. Tarpley

Dr. Mary B. and Mr. Michael Taylor

Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Terry

Dr. and Mrs. Cooper L. Terry

Dr. Paul E. Teschan

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Tharpe

Dr. John B. Thomison

Dr. James David Thurston

Dr. and Mrs. W. Phillips Tinkler

Dr. and Mrs. William W. Tomford

Dr. Robert E. and Dr. Sara M. Tonsing

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander S. Townes

Dr. Douglas J. Trapp

Mr. and Mrs. Ken E. Trickey

Mr. and Mrs. King-Mon Tu

Dr. William L. Underwood

The Rev. V. Ann Van Dervoort and Dr. Robert L. Van Dervoort

Dr. Thomas V. Vandergast

Dr. Jan van Eys

Dr. John West Van Wert

Dr. Nicholas A. Viner

Dr. and Mrs. William B. Wadlington

Dr. Robert H. Walkup, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Walsh

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Waltz

Dr. Lorraine Ware and Dr. Reid C. Thompson

Dr. Harrison Frederick Warner

Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Waterman

Dr. W. Bedford Waters, FACS

Dr. Mark S. Wathen

Ms. Mary Diane Watson

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Webb, Jr.

Dr. John Herbert Wehner

Dr. Peter A. Weil

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Weiner

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Bret Weinger

Dr. and Mrs. William R. Welborn

Dr. and Mrs. John Robert Werther

Dr. and Mrs. John Thomas West

Dr. Linton B. West, Jr.

Dr. Robert Michael Westlake

Dr. and Mrs. Walter Wheelhouse, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. C. Courtney Whitlock, Jr.

Dr. Lynn E. Wilkinson

Dr. R. Bertram Williams, Jr.

Dr. Robert Derek Williams

Dr. Thomas H. Williams, Jr.

Dr. Morgan J. Wills

Dr. and Mrs. James P. Wilson

Dr. Daniel K. Winstead

Dr. Robert Harold Wise, Jr.

Dr. Raymond R. Witt

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Wolfe

Dr. Glenn Stewart Wolfson

Dr. Sorrell L. Wolfson

Dr. Thomas Allen Woodward

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Woolley

Dr. John A. Worrell

Dr. and Mrs. Li Ming Wu

Dr. Joseph J. Wujek

Dr. Anna and Dr. Stephen J. Yallourakis

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Youngblood

Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. Zimmerman

Dr. Charles R. Zirkle