February 27, 2004

Whooping cough vaccination study enrolling participants

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Study coordinator Alice O’Shea, R.N., holds the study’s first participant, one-week-old baby Jude. Photo by Dana Johnson

First they discovered that more babies are dying from whooping cough, now they are testing a possible solution.

Researchers in the division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital are studying whether DTaP, the vaccine for whooping cough, can be given at, or shortly after birth. The research team is currently enrolling infants 2-14 days old.

All required vaccines would be provided, at no cost, until 17 months of age. Small blood samples, including before the Hepatitis B vaccine, will be required. Compensation is provided.

Please contact Alice O’Shea, R.N., at 343-8518 or Dr. Natasha Halasa 322-3346 or email NPVstudy@vanderbilt.edu for details.