May 25, 2007

Workplace injury reporting goes online

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Vanderbilt’s Charles Hong, M.D., Ph.D., left, talks with Richard Lifton, M.D.,Ph.D., who delivered last week’s Discovery Lecture. Hong was a student of Lifton's at Yale University. (photo by Anne Rayner)

A new online system of reporting workplace injuries, dubbed STARS Web, has been introduced by the office of Risk and Insurance Management.

“STARS Web allows easy reporting for employees and instant notification to supervisors and department heads,” said Jeff Davis, claims administrator in Risk and Insurance Management.

Since workplace injuries must also be tracked and reported to the state, online reporting allows for easier and more accurate recordkeeping, Davis said.

This system will also make it easier to help track safety trends and make Vanderbilt a safer environment for its employees.

STARS Web may be accessed through the Risk Management and VERITAS Web sites, or at

Questions about the system or requests for training may be directed to Risk Management office at 936-0660.