Curious VUMC

What support is there at VUMC if I am sexually harassed or know it’s happening?

SHARE is part of VUMC’s larger efforts to foster an inclusive and equitable culture of mutual respect

What options does VUMC offer to save money on my commute?

Gas prices are high. Here are ways to get to and from campus while spending less cash.

Is it true that work on a COVID-19 vaccine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center was funded by Dolly Parton?

Funds from her gift have supported important advancements in VUMC’s war on COVID

Is there a labyrinth at VUMC – I mean besides Medical Center North?

A place to walk, think, meditate, pray and let go

Wait a minute — that sculpture outside Medical Center North was created by the guy who did the theme to “The Dating Game?”

Turns out, the guy who led the Tijuana Brass also worked in bronze

What is the purpose of that weird cube in the middle of the Plaza?

Futuristic design element? Outdoor feng shui in action? Navigational beacon for LifeFlight? The truth is more basic.