VUMC Pets of the Day: Fizz and Benny

DAISY Award spotlight: “The absolute best nursing care that I have every witnessed. He is truly a gem.”

Joseph Chacon, RN, works in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit at Vanderbilt University Hospital. He is is one of the latest group of DAISY Award winners at VUMC.

VUMC Pets of the Day: Chyla and Dolly

Patient Johnny Cleveland, right, with Kamran Idrees, MD, MSCI, MMHC.

Robotic pancreatectomy speeds recovery time for retired educator 

He knew he needed complicated surgery, so researching his options, he learned about the Vanderbilt surgical team led by Kamran Idrees, MD, MSCI, MMHC, Ingram Associate Professor of Cancer Research.

Nurses support one another as they grieve colleague

Nurses are accustomed to comforting patients and families through loss, but when they lose one of their own, it hurts in a unique, palpable way. Fortunately, they can count on each other.

VUMC Pets of the Day: JD and Spice

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