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VUMC hosts symposium on stem cell transplants and cellular therapies

The Vanderbilt Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy Symposium offers clinicians detailed information on the latest developments for hematological diseases, ranging from immunotherapies for blood cancers to new, curative therapies for sickle cell disease.

Study identifies molecule as potential target for treating AML

While immune checkpoint inhibitors that target the PD-1 molecule on T-cells have proven to be effective with many cancers, these immunotherapies have not worked for acute myeloid leukemia (AML), but new research has identified a “cousin” molecule as a potential therapeutic target for AML. 

Potential AML therapy induces leukemic stem cell death

Vanderbilt researchers are studying a potential therapy for acute myeloid leukemia that targets the residual leukemic stem cells in bone marrow after treatment that are responsible for relapses and drug resistance.

Eden Biltibo is Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation scholar recipient

Vanderbilt’s Eden Biltibo, MD, MS, is one of the first recipients of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation’s Scholars Program, an initiative launched in 2022.

Being treated for childhood cancer set Jason Schwartz on the path to his life’s work: treating childhood cancer

Cancer at the age of 13 forced him to give up his dream of professional football. While undergoing treatment, he found a new dream.

Deneen Eastridge, left, recently traveled from Dallas to Nashville to meet Trina Hughes, the stem cell donor who gave her the gift of life 10 years ago. (photo by Erin O. Smith)

Stem cell recipient meets donor who saved her life 10 years ago

Each passing day is precious for Deneen Eastridge, but a decade is a priceless gift. The Dallas resident came to Nashville recently to meet Trina Hughes, the stem cell donor who gave her the gift of life 10 years ago.

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