Department of Biomedical Informatics

Vanderbilt plays major role in nationwide “All of Us” research program — press release

Gene study spots clues to heart risk for statin patients

A Vanderbilt-led research team has discovered genetic variations that increase the risk of heart attack even when patients are receiving a statin drug like Lipitor or Crestor to lower their blood cholesterol.

Event set to launch ‘All of Us’ personalized medicine initiative

The All of Us Research Program, which aims to accelerate the prevention and treatment of illness through precision medicine with the help of a million or more research participants across the United States, officially opens for national enrollment Sunday, May 6.

Six Vanderbilt physicians honored by medical societies

Four faculty members of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine were among 78 physician-scientists inducted into The American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), an elite honor society of physician-scientists from the upper ranks of academic medicine and industry. They are:

Nashville Biosciences created to leverage wealth of data

Officials with Vanderbilt University Medical Center announced the creation of a wholly owned subsidiary, Nashville Biosciences, to harness the power of its extensive genomic and bioinformatics resources to advance drug and diagnostics discovery and development.

Deciphering DNA code

Study spots undiagnosed genetic diseases in EHR

Patients diagnosed with heart failure, stroke, infertility and kidney failure could actually be suffering from rare and undiagnosed genetic diseases.

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