Division of Pediatric Cardiology

Cell-cell signals in developing heart

Scott Baldwin and colleagues have discovered early signaling events during heart development, findings that could guide cell replacement therapies for heart disease.

Kannankeril elected VP for research of the Pediatric and Congenital Electrophysiology Society

Prince Kannankeril, MD, MSCI, has been elected to serve as vice president for research of the Pediatric and Congenital Electrophysiology Society.

Cardiac dysfunction in DMD

The protein MMP7 is elevated in blood from patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy who have cardiac dysfunction, suggesting that it may be a biomarker for heart disease severity.

Risk factors for faulty rhythms

Risk factors for arrhythmias after heart surgery in infants include medications, infant age and higher surgical complexity, but not two genetic variants examined by Vanderbilt researchers.

Four years ago a Vanderbilt doctor agreed to help run the spelling bee at his daughter’s school. This year she went to the National Spelling Bee.

The trip was a dream come true for Rosy Kannankeril, a rising ninth grader at Franklin Classical School.

Muscular dystrophy clue

Vanderbilt investigators have discovered a role for immune system T cells in slowing the decline in skeletal muscle function in patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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