Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology

Targeting calcium handling in A-fib

The drug ent-verticilide reduced A-fib incidence and duration in an animal model, suggesting it may be a viable therapeutic option.

Heart illustration

Development and disease in the aorta

Smooth muscle cells that line the aorta differ in development but not in the adult, a finding that has implications for understanding aortic development and disease.

Reducing fatal rhythms after heart attack

Reducing heart muscle response to calcium could decrease the risk of fatal arrhythmias after heart attacks.

Antacids: risky for premature babies

Antacids that block a certain enzyme pose a risk for a common cardiac problem in premature infants.

Profiling heart cells

A “profile” of the genes and regulatory networks that govern early heart valve development lay the groundwork for generating valves from a patient’s own cells.

Preventing hardened heart valves

Blocking a serotonin receptor may provide a novel therapy for heart valve disease.