Journal of Neuroscience

How ‘Jedi’ disposes of dead neurons

The protein Syk is essential for clearing away neuron “corpses” in the developing peripheral nervous system.

Clues to retinal cell degeneration

A reversible chemical modification of rhodopsin, a receptor for light, plays a role in the degeneration of retinal cells.

Insights for neuroscience drug discovery

When discovering drugs for brain disorders, it’s important to test the candidates in multiple ways to avoid advancing those with restricted physiological effects.

New clue to ADHD

A rare genetic change adds support to the idea that altered dopamine signaling is a key risk factor for ADHD.

Perfect timing for sensory processing

Identification of brain regions involved in processing sights and sounds may offer insights into disorders like autism and dyslexia.

Probing epilepsy’s molecular sparks

Understanding how mutations in neuronal receptors contribute to epilepsy could lead to improved therapies.

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