Science Signaling (journal)

Brooke Emerling, PhD, and Raymond Blind, PhD (seated, in foreground) at a 2023 scientific symposium they organized. Standing next to Blind is Hua Ya, PhD, from the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center. Behind him in the light blue shirt is Emilio Hirsch, PhD, from the University of Torino, Italy.

Discovery raises hopes for new cancer therapy

The study connected the Hippo signaling pathway to phosphoinositides, a particular type of lipid, or fat molecule, which regulates cell functions that are critical in cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Pathways to a healthy liver

Hepatic stellate cells maintain liver mass and function; the signaling factors they use could be exploited therapeutically to promote liver regeneration and inhibit cancerous proliferation, Vanderbilt researchers suggest.

Vanderbilt scientists report new modeling of brain signaling

The release of neurotransmitters and hormones in the body is tightly controlled by complex protein machinery embedded in cell membranes.

3d rendering white blood cells with red blood cells

Putting the brakes on sepsis

An enzyme called PTEN reduces inflammatory signaling and mortality in sepsis, suggesting it may be a good therapeutic target for this life-threatening complication of infection.

Cellular calcium handling in diabetes

Potassium channels in a cellular organelle regulate calcium flux and appear to play a critical role in pancreatic beta cell health.

bacteria microbiome

Bacterial signaling systems

Vanderbilt researchers have identified a unique example of communication between bacterial signaling systems, which may have relevance for antibiotic resistance.