Translational Psychiatry (journal)

New algorithms show promise for predicting bipolar disorder risk

In a new study across three major U.S. health care systems, researchers developed and tested algorithms to predict who will develop bipolar disorder.

Depression and the brain-age gap

Older depressed adults show accelerated brain aging, according to a new study from Vanderbilt researchers, who suggest that the effects of depression may speed the decline in cognitive functions in older individuals.

Diabetes drugs may ease addiction

Drugs that are being used clinically to treat obesity and diabetes may also have a role in treating drug abuse.

Neurons with serotonin transporters labeled with quantum dots. (Jerry Chang / Vanderbilt)

Study further links immune response, serotonin signaling

Vanderbilt University scientists are a step closer to understanding how inflammation in the body can affect mood and behavior.

Reversing stress-induced anxiety

Augmenting the signals of natural “endocannabinoids” in the brain may be a promising approach for treating mood and anxiety disorders.