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Lung cancer foundation lauds Massion’s contributions

Jun. 11, 2015, 9:06 AM

Pierre Massion, M.D., director of the Thoracic Program and an Ingram Professor of Cancer Research at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, has been recognized for his pioneering work in lung cancer by the LUNGevity Foundation.

Pierre Massion, M.D.

The foundation named him the June LUNGevity Hero for his “extraordinary work in lung cancer research and his instrumental role in creating, building and leading the LUNGevity Scientific Advisory Board.”

During his six-year tenure as chair of that board, Massion helped guide the foundation’s grant funding program.

The LUNGevity Foundation is one of the largest nonprofit organizations dedicated to funding innovative lung cancer research and providing assistance and support to patients and their families.

“We are beginning to translate our molecular understanding of lung cancer into innovative, usable mechanisms that will ensure that survivors live better, longer lives,” Massion said.

“Immunotherapy and personalized medicine have transformed how we treat the disease and we are on the brink of developing game-changing early detection technology that will catch lung cancer at its most treatable. The research in development now and the possibilities ahead are revolutionary. Lung cancer has evolved into a hopeful and exciting field of study.”

Massion was recently honored as a recipient of the endowed Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair in Medicine. He is also a professor of Medicine and professor of Cancer Biology.

Since joining the Vanderbilt faculty in 2001, Massion has mentored 19 postdoctoral fellows, 11 graduate students and 20 undergraduate students.

In addition to providing clinical care for lung cancer patients, Massion manages a research laboratory at VICC with support from federal, foundation and donor funding. He is currently the co-principal investigator on a Department of Defense grant that offers lung cancer screenings to 12 VA and military hospitals to determine which veterans are at risk of a lung cancer diagnosis.

“LUNGevity Foundation is honored to name our Scientific Advisory Board chairman, world renowned researcher Dr. Pierre Massion, as the June LUNGevity Hero for his commitment to our organization, its strategic funding of lung cancer research, and most importantly, to people diagnosed with lung cancer,” said Andrea Ferris, president and chair of LUNGevity Foundation. “His efforts bring us closer to the day when no one dies of lung cancer.”

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