March 8, 2018

VUMC Voice Pet Photo Contest deadline is March 31

Pets with fur, with fins, with feathers, even with scales — all pets of VUMC employees eligible!

UPDATE: Thanks to all who sent in photos. Submissions for the 2018 VUMC Voice Pet Photo Contest are now closed. Almost 600 entries were submitted by Medical Center employees, and in the coming weeks (and months!), selected photos will be featured in VUMC Voice.

UPDATE #2: The first collection of selected photos has been posted. It is dedicated to pet duos–two pets in the same picture–and can be found here.


Have a favorite picture of your dog or cat (or bird, fish or hamster?)

Want the chance to show off your photogenic pet for your Medical Center co-workers in the VUMC Voice?

Send your picture in, and it may be selected for inclusion in “Pets of VUMC 2018,” a series of photo features to be published in the VUMC Voice, the Medical Center’s online employee magazine.

Here are the rules for entering—please read and follow carefully so your photo can be considered for use:

Who is eligible to enter?

VUMC employees and volunteers. For purposes of the contest, any employee with a VUMC ID badge is considered eligible to enter.

What is the deadline?

Pictures must be submitted by midnight on March 31, 2018.

Where do I send entries?

Entries must be emailed to VUMCVoice@vanderbilt.edu. They must be saved in the .JPG format and included as an attachment with the email. THE PICTURE NAME SHOULD INCLUDE THE FIRST AND LAST NAMES OF THE PERSON ENTERING THE PICTURE.

What information should be included?

The body of the email should include your name, department, work address, phone number, name of pet and names of people in the photograph (if there are any). Those who want to include some information about their pets, such as breed(s), age, or the fact that she was picked up as a stray, or that he howls when a fire truck goes by, are encouraged to do so.

Is there a limit to the number of entries I can send?

Entries are limited to two photographs per person. If you have more than two pets, it’s fine to send a group shot — or promise any pet left out that he or she will be entered next year. Because of the limitations of the size of some email attachments, you may need to send your photographs in separate emails—but each person is limited to two pictures total.

What do I get if the picture of my pet is selected for inclusion?

You will have the bragging rights of knowing that your pet was selected by the expert pet judges at the VUMC Voice to share with the Medical Center community.

When will the selected pictures appear in the VUMC Voice?

Not all the pictures will appear at once, but selected photos will be published in groups, beginning in April.

Hugo the hound is VERY excited to see the entries to the VUMC Voice Pet Photo Contest.