May 7, 2024

CareFluent Connect makes it easy for patients to get durable medical equipment

Carefluent Connect has storefront locations for durable medical equipment services in Nashville and Mount Juliet. Carefluent Connect has storefront locations for durable medical equipment services.

Did you know that CareFluent Connect is a durable medical equipment (DME) provider located in many Vanderbilt Health hospitals and clinics? When patients choose to get their DME equipment through CareFluent Connect, the process is often easier and faster than using another provider.

CareFluent Connect offers a wide range of DME products onsite for patients in both the hospital and clinic settings. And because they are in many Vanderbilt Health locations, patients can get their products quickly—often delivered at the end of a clinic visit or at the bedside as part of the discharge process. Complementing the process are comprehensive patient education and training to help patients properly utilize their DME before they go home.

Since it is part of the VUMC family, CareFluent Connect has a deeper understanding of our patient population, better accountability to VUMC’s colleagues and patients, and more robust communications with providers and care team members. It also has a significant integration, through Parachute’s ordering platform, with eStar, putting more information regarding DME directly into the patient’s medical record.

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