Leigh MacMillan


NIH grant supports effort to build expertise in genetic epidemiology research in Vietnam

V2-GENE, the Vanderbilt-Vietnam Genetic Epidemiology Training Program, will develop a team of researchers and educators to lead genetic epidemiology research of noncommunicable diseases across the lifespan in Vietnam.

Supercomputing redesign of a COVID monoclonal antibody

The approach, which combines high-performance computing, simulation, machine learning and experimental validation, will help keep antibody drugs up to date in the future against highly variable viruses.

Atherosclerosis is a tumor-like disease: study

An anticancer drug blunted atherosclerosis progression — and even made plaques shrink — in a mouse model of the disease, opening new opportunities for preventing and treating this leading cause of death.

Mariana Byndloss, DVM, PhD

Mariana Byndloss receives FASEB Excellence in Science Award

The annual awards highlight outstanding achievements by women in the biological sciences.

VandyWorks migration, renaming and downtime begins on April 12

Monroe Carell “Time for Remembering” is April 21

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