Jessica Pasley

 “Old fashioned texting”: patient and her caregivers chat via signs in windows

The clinic building faces the hospital building, and when Katy Rose was in the hospital, she began posting signs for her clinic nurse to see. It kind of grew from there.

“Parker, stay with me!” Local family learns firsthand the dangers of multi-passenger UTVs and golf carts.

Pediatric trauma experts add multipassenger UTVs, golf carts to list of dangerous vehicles that includes ATVs

That piano music coming from the chapel? It’s a 16-year-old patient at the baby grand

The first chance he got to leave his hospital room, Gabe Gingerich made his way to the keyboard

Doggone it — be safe

Any dog may bite if surprised or provoked; how to safely interact with Canine World

Stepping back is best for springing forward: tips for dealing with the beginning of daylight saving time

Go to bed a little earlier than usual. Take a good look at the morning sun when you get up.

Carbon monoxide can quietly kill you; a detector can save your life

Sources include room heaters, furnaces, charcoal grills, cooking ranges, water heaters, cars and portable generators.

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