VUMC in the News

When ABC’s “World News Tonight” was broadcast live from VUMC

A specially built platform outside the hospital allowed anchor Peter Jennings to deliver the news with a VUMC backdrop

Rounds: A message from the President and CEO of VUMC

Acts of horrific violence surrounding issues of race, religion, and sexual orientation seem to be happening weekly. How are we, as a medical center and as individuals, experiencing these events?

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Vanderbilt University)

Ebola not likely, but VUMC is prepared

Armed with a validated and orchestrated plan, Vanderbilt University Medical Center is prepared to safely and effectively treat patients with the bloodborne disease Ebola, should the need arise.

New university research news channel, Futurity, goes global, an online university news channel targeted to members of the public interested in basic research, has expanded beyond its North American base to include science news from leading British universities.

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