antibiotic resistance

Romney Humphries receives John V. Bergen Excellence Award

Vanderbilt’s Romney Humphries, PhD, has received the 2024 John V. Bergen Excellence Award from the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute.

Novel drugs have potential for treating tuberculosis

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is on the rise, and novel antibacterial drugs called SPTs have potential for treating the deadly lung infection.

Bacterial battle in 3D

Using imaging mass spectrometry and microscopy, Vanderbilt researchers visualized how staph bacteria modifies lipids in its membrane to evade immune system-mediated killing.

Probing pathogen antibiotic resistance

Understanding how bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics and host stresses could guide the development of more effective antimicrobial therapeutics.

Jeff Balser, MD, PhD, left, Jennifer Pietenpol, PhD, and Eric Skaar, PhD, pose for a photo during a recent tour of new space for the Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology and Inflammation.

New space bolsters infectious disease and immunology discovery

The Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology and Inflammation (VI4) recently moved into its new research and administrative home.

The adaptable anthrax bacterium

Vanderbilt researchers discover how anthrax bacterium defends itself against structural damage and resists the toxicity of the antimicrobial drug targocil.

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