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Last week’s workshop drew dozens of basement membrane scientists from around the world.

Global workshop explores basement membrane research

An international workshop on basement membranes last week attracted about 70 scientists from around the world.

Team spots clue to rare lung and kidney diseases

Pulmonary-renal syndrome (PRS) refers to a group of rare but potentially fatal conditions that nearly always are caused by a misguided attack by the body’s immune system on the lungs and kidneys. Coughing up blood and blood in the urine are telltale signs.

Matrix biology society honors Hudson’s contributions

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) biochemist Billy Hudson, PhD, has been awarded the 2018 Distinguished Investigator Prize by the International Society for Matrix Biology for his contributions to the field of matrix biology.

Last week’s workshop was sponsored by the American Society of Matrix Biology and the Vanderbilt Center for Matrix Biology. (photo by Julie Hudson)

Workshop draws basement membrane experts from across globe

A workshop on the basement membrane hosted earlier this month by Vanderbilt University Medical Center attracted 75 top scientists from around the world and broke new ground in understanding molecules that make up this key biological structure.

Hudson to receive Protein Society’s Brändén Award

Vanderbilt University biochemist Billy Hudson, Ph.D., has been awarded the 2017 Carl Brändén Award by The Protein Society for exceptional contributions to science, education and service.


Chloride “switch” turns on membrane formation: study

Chloride plays a key role in the formation of the basement membrane, a suprastructure on the outside of cells that undergirds and guides the function of most of the tissues of the body.