COVID variant

Crystal Wix, RN, foreground, and care partner Carolyn Forgac work with a patient in the COVID intensive care unit in September 2021.

COVID-19: two years of challenges, lessons, victories

Two years ago this week, the cataclysmic coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 arrived in Middle Tennessee.

Cody Stubblefield, RN, gives the first of two injections of an antibody combination to Caroline Davis to protect her from COVID-19.

Vanderbilt and CDC research shows third vaccine dose key to preventing omicron hospitalization

Vanderbilt research shows that two doses of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine result in lower effectiveness for preventing hospitalization for the omicron variant than previous variants. However, importantly, a third (“booster”) vaccine dose significantly improves protection against omicron hospitalization up to 86%.

Omicron evades some but not all monoclonal antibodies: study

A new study found that several, but not all, of the human monoclonal antibodies used clinically to prevent patients from becoming severely ill from COVID-19 may not be protective against the Omicron variant now sweeping across the United States.

Infectious diseases experts at VUMC offer their insights on best practices for navigating holiday gatherings during the ongoing pandemic.

Weigh risks, plan ahead prior to gathering for the holidays

Vanderbilt University Medical Center infectious disease experts advise this is the season to think very wisely about planned get-togethers.

Pediatricians seeing increase in children with MIS-C after latest COVID surge

Rounds: Hard conversations

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