Give thanks, eat up, and be safe

The last thing anybody wants is to be sick during the holidays. Serving and keeping food safely helps keep everybody healthy.

VUMC dietitian details tailgating tips. If you’re going to eat in a parking lot, do it right.

Some foods are always safe. Some need a little more care.

Food study seeks to help employees make healthier choices

When dining in the Medical Center North breakroom or the Simply-to-Go counter at Courtyard Café, Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees can get a little help making informed food choices by picking a color: green, yellow or red.

holiday cookies

Vanderbilt dietitian offers guidelines to not gaining weight during the holidays

Vanderbilt University Medical Center dietitian and certified personal trainer Jessica Bennett is asked frequently this time of year: How can I enjoy holiday parties and meals with family and not gain weight?

Vanderbilt health educator suggests nine steps to a healthier heart

Nine steps to a healthier heart.

fries apple slices food portions

Vanderbilt dietitian offers tips to prevent holiday weight gain