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New treatment for Crohn’s disease

A new biological therapy, ustekinumab, improves markers of disease activity in patients with severe Crohn’s disease.

Clinicians, researchers team to treat boy’s rare disorder

Test after test failed to reveal why Denny Majano wasn’t gaining weight or why he suffered from severe, chronic diarrhea. At 5 weeks old, instead of gaining weight as newborns should, Denny had lost a pound since birth.

Protein interaction protects against neurodegeneration

Two proteins interact to maintain selenium levels in the brain, and protect neurons from degeneration.

Kudos: Read about faculty, staff and student honors, awards and achievements

Read about faculty, staff and student honors, awards and achievements.

Human and Helicobacter co-evolution

Options to treat childhood C. diff. infection studied

After more than a month in and out of the hospital with her daughter, Kynslee, Kristen Allen felt she was at the end of her rope. Last spring, the nearly 2-year-old Columbia girl developed diarrhea that wouldn’t go away after taking antibiotics for repeated ear infections.

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