Channel drug restores glucose balance

A new compound that activates potassium channels could be used to treat disorders of glucose homeostasis.

Insulin in vials

Matrix remodeling and insulin resistance

The extracellular matrix that surrounds cells plays a role in the development of insulin resistance.

Is healthy obesity possible?

It might be possible to generate a “metabolically healthy” state of obesity by targeting signaling pathways that improve insulin sensitivity.


Searching for beta cell stimulators

Vanderbilt researchers describe a new technique for identifying factors that stimulate the proliferation of pancreatic beta cells – factors that might offer therapeutic options for diabetes.

Insulin in vials

Relaxin combats insulin resistance

The hormone relaxin may offer a novel approach for treating diet-induced insulin resistance.

‘Yo-yo dieting’ inflames fat tissue

Gaining and losing weight during “yo-yo dieting” may contribute to an exaggerated immune response in fat tissue that increases metabolic dysfunction more than steady weight gain alone.

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