Pam Hoffner

VUMC’s storm preparedness efforts lauded by National Weather Service

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is the first medical center in Tennessee to be named a Storm Ready Supporter by the National Weather Service (NWS), a designation that recognizes a superior level of preparedness for tornadoes and inclement weather.

Emergency notifications come in burst of colors

Knowing how to react in an emergency situation can save lives, but sometimes it’s confusing what particular colors mean in emergency notifications that are communicated by email and overhead announcements across Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Vanderbilt experts offer tips for minimizing storm stress

Last year, 37 tornadoes ripped through the state of Tennessee. Vanderbilt University Medical Center experts are offering tips on how to minimize storm stress and how to prepare in case a storm displaces you from your home.

Vanderbilt partners with company to offer discounted emergency preparedness kits

Vanderbilt is partnering with an industrial supply company to offer employees discounted grab-and-go emergency preparedness kits—bags stocked with essential items that would be needed in the event of a tornado, flood or other emergency that might take people away from their homes.

Flulapalooza tent, attempt at Guinness Book of World Records. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to attend. by Susan Urmy

It’s official: VUMC holds Guinness world record for most vaccinations