Protecting yourself against phishing attacks: what you need to know

Gift card spoofing continues to be a problem; what you need to know

A popular internet scam involves email or text requests for gift card purchases. Scammers rely on impersonation and social engineering tactics to ask victims to purchase gift cards or approve invoices for them.

Hacker typing on a laptop

Warning about email spoofing and phishing attacks

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Unit is issuing a new warning about email spoofing and phishing attacks.

VUMC implements enhanced protection against email phishing

In response to many phishing attacks targeting Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) email accounts, the institution has subscribed to Microsoft’s Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

Phishers target Medical Center employees via fake salary increase emails

Protect yourself against phishing attacks

Vanderbilt IT has compiled the following information about what a phish looks like, common techniques used by attackers after an account is compromised, and best practices to protect yourself from becoming a victim of phishing.

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