Reporter Aug 24 2012

Targeting new pathways to ease pain

The spinal cord’s neuropeptide Y signaling pathway may be a good target for new pain therapeutics.

Ann Scott Carell

Carell remembered as champion of Vanderbilt

Clues to retinal cell degeneration

A reversible chemical modification of rhodopsin, a receptor for light, plays a role in the degeneration of retinal cells.

Tool helps plumb electronic records

A tool developed for one institution’s electronic health records can work at other institutions, potentially facilitating the use of these records in research studies.

Bogota stint gives oral surgery resident glimpse of global need

While Benjamin Foley, D.D.S., was on a two-week surgical rotation in Bogota, Colombia, the impact of limited access to health care was as clear as the fused jaw of a 6-year-old child.

State of Medical Center Address Set for Sept. 18

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