Reporter Aug 7 2015

Origins of neuroblastoma

Vanderbilt researchers are exploring how neuroblastoma tumors begin and progress, knowledge that could provide new treatments for this pediatric cancer.

Drug combos enhance ovarian cancer cell death

Drugs that target DNA damage improve ovarian cancer cell response to platinum chemotherapies, suggesting new therapeutic opportunities.

Bridging the antibiotic gap

Vanderbilt researchers have discovered how certain molecules with antibiotic properties are synthesized, findings that could lead to new drugs that overcome the increased antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Stomach cancer cues

Vanderbilt scientists have discovered a new molecular mechanism that promotes stomach cancer development, findings that could provide new opportunities for treatment.

genetic sequence

Genotyping project to be an ‘engine of discovery’

Vanderbilt University researchers next month will launch a major initiative to acquire “dense genotypes” from 100,000 individuals whose medical histories are known.

Rothman named to lead population health research efforts

Russell Rothman, M.D., MPP, professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Health Policy, chief of the Section of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and director of the Vanderbilt Center for Health Services Research, has been named assistant vice chancellor for Population Health Research.

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