Reporter Dec 7 2018

Gingerbread treats

Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Advisory Board member Kailey Hand and her daughter, Harper, recently brought the joy of the holidays to Children’s Hospital by generously hosting the annual gingerbread house event for patients and families.

Shuttle Purple Route to be reconfigured into separate routes for greater efficiency

The VUMC shuttle service Purple Route, which serves buildings along the West End Avenue corridor near campus, will convert to two routes beginning Dec. 31.

Signs offer reminder that Medical Center plaza is no-vehicle zone

Signs have been posted around the Medical Center plaza noting that the area, which is designed for pedestrians passing between VUMC buildings, is a no-vehicle zone.

Team seeks to create gene expression map of worm’s nervous system

How do you build a brain? What “rules” govern where neurons end up, how they connect to each other, and which functions they perform?

Team spots clue to rare lung and kidney diseases

Pulmonary-renal syndrome (PRS) refers to a group of rare but potentially fatal conditions that nearly always are caused by a misguided attack by the body’s immune system on the lungs and kidneys. Coughing up blood and blood in the urine are telltale signs.

Study tests new vaccine for precancerous cervical cells

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is participating in an international study to determine the effectiveness of a new therapeutic vaccine for treating women with precancerous changes on the cervix.

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