Reporter Feb 13 2015

Rounds: A message from the Vice Chancellor for health Affairs

As we begin 2015, many at VUMC would say they have experienced more change in the last year than at any time in their careers.

Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

Grant spurs schizophrenia research

Vanderbilt University is partnering with the William K. Warren Foundation of Tulsa, Oklahoma, on research aimed at improving the treatment of schizophrenia and other forms of serious mental illness.

sad man

Hazy definition may hamper catatonia care

Catatonia, a syndrome characterized by muscular rigidity and a trance-like mental stupor, can at times manifest with great excitement and confusion. And while it is often associated with schizophrenia, it can present in patients with either medical or psychiatric conditions. For this reason, the condition has often confused clinicians.

woman reclining on sofa, looking out window

Report calls for new chronic fatigue guidelines

An Institute of Medicine committee chaired by Vanderbilt University’s Ellen Wright Clayton, M.D., J.D., on Tuesday called for a new name and new diagnostic criteria for what is familiarly known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Person getting a shot

VU study explores optimal timing for pertussis vaccine

Pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, is experiencing a resurgence, and its tiniest victims are not armed to battle the contagious respiratory infection.

Survey tool helps assess physician behavior training

Professional behavior specialists at Vanderbilt University Medical Center are using a new survey tool to determine the effectiveness of training courses to help physicians correct disruptive workplace behavior.

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