Reporter July 26 2013

Factor’s role in long bone development

Insight into how the protein neurofibromin participates in the signaling pathway that produces the body’s long bones has implications for fracture healing in some patients.

Motor protein revs up cell division

A motor protein that helps drive cell division may be a promising new target for cancer therapeutics.

Reducing fatal rhythms after heart attack

Reducing heart muscle response to calcium could decrease the risk of fatal arrhythmias after heart attacks.

VUMC named among ‘most-wired’ U.S. hospitals

For the ninth consecutive year, Vanderbilt University Medical Center has been named among the nation’s 100 “most-wired” hospitals and health systems for its innovative efforts in medical technology.

App helps children manage their health care routines

Adults have calendar applications on all their digital devices to remind them of appointments and what’s next on their agenda.

Award bolsters study of bladder cancer chemo resistance

David DeGraff, Ph.D., has received the 2013 BCAN Young Investigator Award for Bladder Cancer Research.

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