Reporter June 8 2018

red and blue boxing gloves

Novel infection fighter

A drug in use clinically to help make vaccines more effective may be a powerful new tool for fighting antibiotic-resistant infections.

Confronting TB resistance

Vanderbilt researchers describe how certain tuberculosis treatments work and suggest these medications may overcome the threat of drug-resistant tuberculosis.

HIV virus

A “public” target for HIV

Common sequences of antibodies against HIV may be key to developing a successful vaccine strategy for the virus.

How providers receive feedback plays crucial role in antimicrobial stewardship programs

Antimicrobial resistance continues to increase, and antimicrobial stewardship programs are developing plans to report antimicrobial use in order to reduce and optimize the use of antibiotics.

Enzyme protects against obesity-related heart disease

Vanderbilt scientists have discovered that a certain enzyme plays a crucial role in preventing obesity-related cardiac dysfunction.

Environmental Health and Safety’s Wheaton retires

If you chat with Bob Wheaton, executive director of Vanderbilt Environmental Health and Safety, for a few minutes, it quickly becomes clear he’s not from around here.

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