Reporter Nov 13 2015

Insulin in vials

Fighting type 2 diabetes with FGF1

The growth factor FGF1 induces the growth of new insulin-producing beta cells and may help treat type 2 diabetes.

Children, heart disease, and IQ

Treatment for congenital heart disease during infancy may result in cognitive and attentional deficits during adolescence and young adulthood, Vanderbilt researchers have found.

Computer extracts cancer stage

Vanderbilt investigators developed a computerized natural language processing algorithm to extract cancer stages from electronic medical records.

Immune system a must for kidney repair

A signaling protein that is essential for recovery from acute kidney injury works by increasing the population of tissue-repairing immune cells.

New video initiative enhances Interpreter Services’ offerings

Interpreters at Vanderbilt University Medical Center are joining forces with counterparts at other hospitals to better serve non-English speaking patients.

Ayers Institute spurred key cancer research gains

In 2005, Tennessee philanthropists Jim and Janet Ayers gave $10 million to help Vanderbilt University scientists find early markers for colorectal cancer that could improve diagnosis and potentially save lives.

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