Reporter Sept 27 2013

Early cell death in MS

Death of oligodendrocytes, the cells that make myelin, appears to be an early event in the development of multiple sclerosis.

Gene interactions and cavities

Vanderbilt researchers used existing genome-wide association study datasets to identify gene interactions that contribute to tooth decay.

Metabolic profiling of vision loss

A panel of metabolites – small molecules that are part of metabolic processes – that are unique to macular degeneration will shed light on the disease and aid diagnosis.


Cell changes en route to stomach cancer

Molecular characterization of pre-cancerous changes in cells lining the stomach could point to lesions with a greater risk of progression to cancer.

Flulapalooza 3

Vanderbilt faculty, staff and students turned out in droves and rolled up their sleeves for Wednesday’s Flulapalooza 3 mass vaccination event.

VU’s technology commercialization efforts make strides

Over the past three years, Vanderbilt University more than quadrupled earnings from its technology commercialization efforts — to more than $24.5 million in the 2013 fiscal year that ended June 30, officials have announced.

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