My New Year’s resolution: Rounds — A message from Dr. Jeff Balser, President and CEO

Rounds: Hard conversations

Rounds: “Simply Unfinished:” Our path to vaccination

Rounds: A Holiday Gift

Against the noisy background of masking debates, surges, flattening curves, warp speed initiatives, conflicting messages and misinformation, political controversies, not to mention a revolutionary mRNA technology, millions of people are deciding whether to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Rounds: Pouring a cup of ambition as the journey wears on

In the midst of a long, hard trek, we are inclined to focus on the miles remaining — forgetting all the terrain we’ve already conquered. Taking a few moments to reflect on where we started and how far we’ve come can replenish resilience, restoring vital energy to keep moving.

Rounding based on acuity helps preserve attention of clinicians

Multidisciplinary teams conducting daily rounds in intensive care units will typically work their way down hallways, going from one patient to the next based on spatial proximity.

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