Fireworks and sparklers are lots of fun, but they can cause terrible injuries; how to celebrate safely

Protect the eye on the 4th of July

holiday poisoning

Holiday hazards: Poinsettias are not as bad as you think, but keep toddlers away from Grandma’s purse

What toxicology hazards occur during the holidays? A specialist from the Tennessee Poison Center has a roundup.

“Parker, stay with me!” Local family learns firsthand the dangers of multi-passenger UTVs and golf carts.

Pediatric trauma experts add multipassenger UTVs, golf carts to list of dangerous vehicles that includes ATVs

Linking Arms for Change: Images from the event

Wearing red and linking arms, participants showed support for safety from gun violence

Doggone it — be safe

Any dog may bite if surprised or provoked; how to safely interact with Canine World

Carbon monoxide can quietly kill you; a detector can save your life

Sources include room heaters, furnaces, charcoal grills, cooking ranges, water heaters, cars and portable generators.

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