Asian baby girl getting temperature taken

Heat a trigger for seizures

Elevated body temperature alone can increase vulnerability to fever-induced seizures, even in the absence of infection or inflammation.

Brain image

Predicting brain surgery outcomes

Assessing brain functional and structural connectivity in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy may be a useful way to identify the best candidates for surgical treatment.

brain and lightning

Seizure mutation impairs receptor

Defects in the production of certain receptors are linked to the pathogenesis of genetic epilepsies and fever-induced seizures.

brain and lightning

Brain stimulator helps ease epilepsy patients’ seizures

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center epilepsy team has implanted four patients with a device that heralds a new frontier for controlling epileptic seizures.

Probing epilepsy’s molecular sparks

Understanding how mutations in neuronal receptors contribute to epilepsy could lead to improved therapies.

Aliquots – VUMC research highlights

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