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A critical skin enzyme

Detailed studies of the enzymatic properties of PNPLA1 support the requirement for this protein in skin barrier formation.

Frequent hand-washing can cause dry, cracked skin. A dermatologist offers tips for care.

The cure for “COVID hands” lies in frequent moisturizing. Using shortening from the kitchen is optional.

A critical factor for wound healing

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center scientists have discovered a role for a tumor suppressor protein in skin wound healing.

Protecting the skin from damaging sun rays is as easy as “slip, slop, slap, slide and shade”

How the skin protects

Treatments for common skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis may be improved by understanding the enzymes responsible for forming the skin’s water-tight barrier.

Improving wound healing

Vanderbilt researchers have shown that an injectable material improves wound healing and may be useful for large skin wounds such as those in patients with diabetes.