Two miracles, four years apart

Kelly Harden’s life was saved by a lung transplant. Exactly four years later, she was saved again with a kidney transplant.

Last Christmas, I knew a liver transplant was my only chance to survive. This holiday, I’m alive because of the ultimate gift.

It never leaves my thoughts that someone I don’t know made it possible for me to still be here.

VUMC nurse Kendra Kilgore received a liver transplant as a teenager. Then her teenage daughter needed one, too.

Kendra’s experince helped her daughter Carissa: “I was able to explain to her from a first-hand view what it was like, not as a nurse, but as someone who went through it.”

Suzie Brown, singer-songwriter, meet Dr. Suzanne Brown Sacks, transplant cardiologist

Her twin passions for music and for medicine brought her to Nashville and to VUMC

A story of family and faith: Jennifer received a kidney transplant. The donor was Capri, who is married to Dennis. Jennifer is Dennis’ ex-wife. It’s complicated.

The extended family has grown closer as a result of Capri’s generosity. She says her faith led her to the decision.

Honor walk video from Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital honors two organ donors and their families

The two organ procurements were the first at VWCH in almost five years

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