Five Pillar Leader Award

Twice as nice: Molly Knostman, previously recognized with a Credo Award, honored again for leadership of the adult pharmacy.

She has built a reputation for volunteering for complex tasks, not because they are part of her job description but because of her passion for innovation and patient care.

Improving the patient experience through clear communication is Lane Stiles’ ‘North Star’

Del Ray Zimmerman recognized as top leader for his commitment to LGBTQ community

“His selfless service to the community knows no bounds, and his ability to make projects come to fruition is unmatched.”

Lana Howard knocks down barriers to research at Clinical Research Center

“To actually see patients where the research changes the quality of their lives, that’s a huge success.”

Rob Hood, recognized as top leader, gives all the credit to his team

“So much of what our team has succeeded in is owed to Dr. Hood’s immeasurable support and wisdom.”

Bart Magowan is a man on the road, working in four clinics spanning three counties an hour apart

“I have a great team around me. The staff and physicians that work at these individual clinics and also my leaders make it a pleasure.”

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