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Are you freaked out, apprehensive, or even mildly concerned about the impending INVASION of BILLIONS of red eyed, noisy INSECTS? Vanderbilt’s Jim Kendall has a brief cicada survival guide.

“It is important to remember,” he says, “This too shall pass.”

Pain medication. Cosmetics. Cleaning supplies. Tennessee Poison Center’s message: lock them away.

TPC’s help hotline —1-800-222-1222 — is staffed by nurses, pharmacists, physicians and board-certified medical toxicologists who are specially trained to assist callers.

holiday poisoning

Holiday hazards: Poinsettias are not as bad as you think, but keep toddlers away from Grandma’s purse

What toxicology hazards occur during the holidays? A specialist from the Tennessee Poison Center has a roundup.

Early evening darkness brings dangers for drivers and pedestrians

The end of daylight saving time means many of us are driving home in the dark

Time change can be a bear. Here’s how to keep from feeling like hibernating.

The end of daylight saving time doesn’t have to mean disrupted sleep and feeling groggy, says a Vanderbilt sleep expert

How to prepare for a medical emergency: A paramedic’s 10 things you need to know before the ambulance is on the way

Most people do not know what to expect when calling 911. Here is guidance from someone who knows.

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