Department of Biomedical Informatics

Daniel Fabbri, PhD, spoke about his entrepreneurial journey from graduate studies to founding a successful health care technology company. (photo by Erin O. Smith)

Faculty member Daniel Fabbri describes entrepreneurial journey

The talk provided insights into the challenges and rewards of commercializing academic research.

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AI shows promise for clinical phenotyping

Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have demonstrated the potential for large language models like ChatGPT to help generate electronic health record phenotyping algorithms, a critical but time-consuming task in observational health research.

AI to doctors: Beat that! 

Artificial intelligence programs outperformed doctors at answering typical patient questions — suggesting they could be used to write first-draft responses and help speed doctors’ work.

Paul Harris honored for achievement in translational research

Transformational scientific achievement in bench-to-bedside translational research forms the criterion for the ACTS Edward H. Ahrens Jr. Distinguished Investigator Award, given annually by the Association for Clinical and Translational Science.

VUMC joins new consortium of health care leaders in formation of Trustworthy & Responsible AI Network (TRAIN)

At the HIMSS 2024 Global Health Conference, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) and other leading academic medical centers joined as Microsoft announced the formation of a new consortium, the Trustworthy & Responsible AI Network (TRAIN).

Trent Rosenbloom to chair scientific review committee at National Library of Medicine

Vanderbilt’s Trent Rosenbloom, MD, MPH, on July 1 will begin a one-year term as chair of the Biomedical Informatics, Library and Data Sciences Review Committee of the National Library of Medicine.

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