Department of Pharmacology

Doherty set for next Discovery Lecture

Nobel laureate Peter Doherty, Ph.D., who discovered how the immune system recognizes virus-infected cells, will deliver the next Flexner Discovery Lecture on Thursday, Oct. 2.


Major grant spurs deeper look into ‘good cholesterol’

In some cases, HDL, the “good cholesterol,” may not function properly and may actually accelerate atherosclerosis.

obesity or overweight belly

Study examines therapeutic bacteria’s ability to prevent obesity

Engineered bacteria that produce a therapeutic compound in the gut prevent obesity in mice, Vanderbilt University investigators have discovered.

Hamm’s lasting impact commended at Flexner Discovery Lecture

Pharmacology reached new heights on Hamm’s watch

During her 13-year tenure as chair of Vanderbilt University’s Department of Pharmacology, Heidi Hamm, Ph.D., bolstered its international reputation, attracted 18 new faculty members and helped take it in new directions, such as drug discovery.

Hamm to deliver Discovery Lecture June 12

Heidi Hamm, Ph.D., the Aileen M. Lange and Annie Mary Lyle Professor of Cardiovascular Research and an internationally known expert on G protein-mediated signaling, will deliver the next Flexner Discovery Lecture on Thursday, June 12.

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