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Common AFib drug linked to higher bleeding risk 

In a national retrospective study led by researchers at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, diltiazem, when given in combination with the anticoagulant drugs apixaban (Eliquis) or rivaroxaban (Xarelto), significantly increased the risk of serious bleeding compared to metoprolol.

Long-term follow-up pinpoints side effects of treatments for prostate cancer patients

A 10-year follow up study of nearly 2,500 U.S. men who received prostate cancer treatment will help inform decision making in terms of treatments and side effects for a diverse population.

Most can lower blood pressure by reducing salt, even those on BP drugs: study

New research shows nearly everyone can lower their blood pressure, even people currently on blood pressure- reducing drugs, by lowering their sodium intake.

ICU antibiotics may be safe for kidneys

A Vanderbilt study found that two antibiotics thought to cause kidney failure in ICU patients with a severe bacterial infection, especially when combined with another antibiotic, may be safer for the kidneys than previously reported.

Study on miscarriage management finds combination treatment is more efficient and cost effective

Vanderbilt research finds that only 1% of 22,116 commercially insured women ages 15-49 with medically managed miscarriages received the recommended combination of mifepristone.

Wesley Self, MD, MPH

VUMC-led trial shows two investigational drugs are ineffective for treating severe COVID-19

A Vanderbilt-led study evaluating two investigational drugs to treat severe COVID-19 demonstrated that neither drug was effective.

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