Kelly Schlendorf

Ashton Bertel, left, and Lexi Browning were among the patients who came to the pediatric transplant transition day. (photo by Susan Urmy)

Event introduces pediatric transplant patients to their new adult transplant team providers

VUMC’s adult and pediatric heart transplant programs recently collaborated to create a pediatric transplant transition day, a new event where pediatric transplant patients meet with their new adult transplant team providers to begin the transition to those providers.

Study finds no difference in heart transplant outcomes using organs donated after circulatory death and after brain death

A Vanderbilt study found no difference in one-year survival and other outcomes among heart transplant patients who received their new organs from from donation after circulatory death and donation after brain death.

2022 another strong year for Vanderbilt Transplant Center

VUMC now leads world in heart transplantation

Vanderbilt University Medical Center performed more heart transplants in 2020 than any other center in the world — 124 adult hearts, 23 pediatric hearts and VUMC’s first heart-lung transplant since 2006.

COVID patient’s heart-lung transplant is world’s first

Vanderbilt University Medical Center has performed the world’s first dual heart-lung transplant of a COVID-19 patient.

Ventricular assist device program hits major milestone

VHVI’s cardiac surgery and heart failure teams recently celebrated a milestone — implanting the 500th adult patient with a ventricular assist device.