Leadership Assembly

Jeff Balser, MD, PhD, talks about initiatives underway to ensure that VUMC is an institution that represents diversity, equity and inclusion.

Leadership Assembly: Embarking on a transformational racial equity plan

Vanderbilt University Medical Center leaders are launching a transformational effort to foster an inclusive environment to ensure people at all levels of the organization experience a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive.

VUMC-dedicated song “Times Like This” now on streaming platforms

The song “Times Like This,” which is dedicated the tune to the workforce of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, is now available to stream anywhere you get music. 

Jeff Balser, MD, PhD, talked about VUMC’s priorities moving into the next fiscal year at the February 2022 Leadership Assembly.

Efficiency, people and empowerment – Leadership Assembly takeaways

February’s Leadership assembly focused on multitude of trends, from higher patient volumes to economic inflation and a competitive labor market, require agility and emphasis on strengthening Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s supportive, empowered culture as COVID-19 ebbs and flows.

Jeff Balser, MD, PhD, spoke of the importance of VUMC’s workforce in this week’s Leadership Assembly video presentation.

Leadership Assembly takeaways: Speaking up makes a difference

The importance of supporting Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s workforce is highlighted in this quarter’s Leadership Assembly theme, “Speaking Up, Lifting Up,” which is focused on strategies to amplify well-being.

Jeff Balser, MD, PhD, discusses VUMC’s top priorities during this week’s Leadership Assembly.

Digital growth, improvements, vaccinations: Leadership Assembly takeaways

Vanderbilt University Medical Center completed its first full fiscal year of the COVID-19 era having achieved remarkable outcomes in digital health, growth and quality because of consistently strong performance from its workforce.

Jeff Balser, MD, PhD, discusses VUMC’s commitment to community during this week’s Leadership Assembly.

Flexibility, trust: Takeaways from Leadership Assembly

The flexibility and adaptability of Vanderbilt University Medical Center has been center stage as the pressures of COVID-19 and ongoing strategic imperatives have transformed how and where care is delivered.

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