Wes Ely

E. Wesley Ely, MD, MPH

Ely’s rehabilitation research honored by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

E. Wesley Ely, MD, MPH, has received the Paul B. Magnuson Award for Outstanding Achievement in Rehabilitation Research and Development from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

NIH-funded trial to determine if immunomodulation can improve brain and cardiovascular dysfunction in Long COVID

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is working with scientists around the U.S. to launch the first Phase III, multicenter, placebo-controlled trial to determine the effect of immunomodulation on Long COVID.

Interventions such as daily spontaneous waking trials can help patients avoid injuries associated with intensive care.

Study to test cognitive rehab therapy for ICU survivors

Vanderbilt University Medical Center will study adult survivors of medical and surgical intensive care at high risk for long-term cognitive impairment to see if computerized cognitive rehabilitation (CCR) is effective in improving cognition in ICU survivors who often have trouble doing complex tasks, maintaining their finances and staying employed.