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New breast cancer targets

A special genetic analysis has revealed candidate genes associated with increased risk of breast cancer.

Kathy Keck of Transplant Center wins 2018 Administrative Professional Award

She is lauded for “going the extra mile.” She says that’s the Vanderbilt way.

Family’s transplant journey a study in overcoming barriers

There are no words for liver transplantation in Somalian refugee Aniso Haji’s native language.

First heart patients transplanted using novel transport device

The heart transplant team at Vanderbilt University Medical Center successfully transplanted two hearts using a novel preservation and transport technology allowing the heart to beat outside of the body for an extended amount of time.

Hearts of gold

In celebration of Heart Month, babies in the newborn nursery and NICU received “Heart of Gold” onesies.

Little sweethearts

In recognition of Heart Month, VUMC’s newborn sweethearts celebrated Valentine’s Day by creating a special gift for their loved ones.

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