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Upgrade bolsters ‘Wizard’s physician information

Aug. 9, 2012, 9:11 AM

Vanderbilt University Medical Center physicians are now able to update more of their own provider information that is contained in the “Find a Doctor” portion of

The information recently made accessible to providers includes specialty, education, board certification, title and post-graduate training.

Doctors will be able to sign into the Communication Wizard system and either update information themselves or assign someone else to manage the contents. Instead of entering information, users will be prompted by drop-down menus as well as fields that are populated automatically.

This is a big change from previous years, said Titus Daniels, M.D., MPH, vice chair of Clinical Affairs and assistant professor of Medicine.

“We are implementing this program because we want providers to be able to have a more timely process for updating information,” said Daniels. “This will allow both providers and patients access to the most current and relevant information about a particular provider.

“And what is nice about this new system is that providers can delegate another individual to manage their information. Once the information is submitted, it is immediately updated and available.”

The Provider Referral Directory verification team will still be responsible for phone and fax numbers, address, organization, license and national provider index information, or NPI.
Sue Muse, project administrator for the system, said the new format will be easier for users and save time.
“Our providers have been struggling with this process for quite some time,” said Muse. “This change in the way information is updated will be a big help for them. It is truly all about the ease with which this information can be submitted.

“Now the providers have control over the information that will be posted and viewed by patients,” she added.

There are currently 42,500 providers in the Communication Wizard database.

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